New photobiocatalytic method for synthesizing non-canonical amino acids

Groundbreaking research conducted by researchers at UC Santa Barbara has unveiled a novel method that combines the powers of enzymes and small-molecule photochemistry, resulting in new catalytic reactions. This synergistic approach facilitates the synthesis of non-canonical amino acids, which hold significant therapeutic value.

The method involves two simultaneous catalytic reactions. The photochemical reaction generates a short-lived intermediate molecule, while the enzymatic process forms another intermediate. These two intermediates combine to produce the desired amino acid.

The beauty of this technique lies in its ability to utilize radicals effectively. Typically, radicals are short-lived and challenging to control, leading to various unproductive side reactions. However, the researchers ingeniously use an intermediate molecule from the enzymatic reaction to capture the transient radicals, enabling efficient and selective chemistry.

The advantages of this approach are manifold. Firstly, it allows for stereochemistry, meaning it can create amino acids with preferred arrangements of atoms in the resulting molecules. Secondly, it streamlines the synthesis of non-canonical amino acids, reducing the steps required by three to five times compared to conventional methods. This breakthrough could revolutionize peptide therapy production.

Moreover, the application of this method extends beyond amino acid synthesis. It opens new possibilities in both bio- and synthetic catalysis, enabling researchers to work with complex radicals, access previously inaccessible compounds, and discover unexplored reactions.

The potential impact of this research is far-reaching, with interest from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries for amino acid synthesis applications. This innovative approach has the power to reshape the fields of chemistry and enzymology, ushering in a new era of catalytic reactions and molecular discoveries.

Source: University of California - Santa Barbara

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