What is a microprocessor?

A microprocessor is a pivotal component of modern computing devices, serving as the brain that executes instructions and performs calculations. It is a miniature electronic device that contains millions or even billions of transistors etched onto a single semiconductor chip. The evolution of microprocessors has been instrumental in advancing computing technology, enabling the development of … Read more

Liquid-cooled clothing gets silent and compact with new electrohydrodynamic pump

Imagine adjusting your clothes to beat the summer heat or winter chill just by changing the temperature of your clothes, on the go. Wearable thermal control devices promise just that, offering portable personal thermal comfort. Not only that, but these devices also have other applications such as providing temperature feedback in virtual and augmented reality … Read more

New design techniques minimize errors in phase-locked loops crucial for wireless communication

Two innovative design techniques lead to substantial improvements in performance in fractional-N phase locked loops (PLLs), report scientists from Tokyo Tech. The proposed methods aim to minimize unwanted signals known as fractional spurs, which typically plague PLLs used in many modern radar systems and wireless transceivers. These efforts could open doors to technological improvements in … Read more

1,000-qubit milestone achieved for quantum processors

Making quantum systems more scalable is one of the key requirements for the further development of quantum computers because the advantages they offer become increasingly evident as the systems are scaled up. Researchers at TU Darmstadt have recently taken a decisive step toward achieving this goal. Quantum processors based on two-dimensional arrays of optical tweezers, … Read more